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Regular window cleaning

Our regular service offers the most competitive value for cleans. With our automated regular service, you can relax whilst we clean your windows at sensible intervals. What’s more – we only take payments for regular cleaning once the clean is complete, meaning you don’t even have to notify us if you have planned gardening or building work, for example, you won’t be charged!

from just £19.00

Front Window Cleaning

£7.99 each

Oven Cleaning from


Other Services


Gutter Cleaning

from £60.00


Car Cleaning to your door

from £10.00


Carpet Cleaning

from £95.00


Upholstery Cleans

from £10.00

Pick the package that works for best for you

You can change the frequency of the cleans later – but select below your preferred package, signing up for monthly front cleans gives you access to our best value per clean services

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a quick below at some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our service – or simply get in touch! 

Can I get a text before you clean?

Right now, we don’t have this available, however, in the very near future we are hoping to offer an opt-in for receiving a text before we clean (mid-2020). We think we’ll try texting 1-3 days before the clean is complete. See that “Login” tab on the top right of your screen – you’ll be able to control your settings there, hassle free, if you ever do need to change them!

Do I need to provide water?

No, we have a set of generous clients who provide us with all the water we need. Typically we only need to fill one of our bikes once per day. 

Do I need to be in to have the clean done?

Not at all – if you are having the front only cleaned (or can leave a side gate open). We do ask in these instances you pay in advance though!

How many floors can you reach?

We can reach up to the third floor (4th storey), it’s very rare we can’t reach a window on a London home!

Can you do conservatory roofs?

Absolutely! Our equipment is very highly specialised for this type of work and allows us not only to clean glass panels, but the PVC and wooden frames too – giving a brighter shine to your windows.

How far do you think you all collectively cycle a year?

Unfortunately, we don’t know this yet! However, it’s a good question – so we’ll find out and get back to you. I think maybe enough to lap the equator once? Maybe?

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Monday – Friday : 8am – 7pm
Saturday & Sunday : 8am – 7pm

“We have been really impressed by BUBL. Their prices are great, especially when you sign up for a package, everyone we’ve met from there has been very friendly” – Isabel
“These guys are the best window cleaners ever” – Tanya
“Hats off to these guys biking around cleaning windows” – Luke


Bike BUBL are devoted and hardworking community-minded team, who provide trustworthy, reliable, eco-friendly window cleaning services. We are eco -concious in everything we do- and we operate exclusively using pedal power, we don’t use chemicals and we give back to water charities.


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